From: New York Magazine

This Illusion Shows How Your Peripheral Vision Is Playing Tricks on You

New York Magazine:

Of the five senses, sight seems to be the most trustworthy. It’s the one that’s most helpful in getting us through the day, the one that pushes us the most from I think to I know. Seeing is believing, a picture’s worth a thousand words, etc.

But really, sight is a lot trickier than we give it credit for. Often times, the reality we think we’re seeing is something else altogether — the brain bends visual information to suit its purposes, warping our vision in any number of ways. The sting of rejection, for example, makes us more inclined to perceive a stray glance as eye contact, even when it hasn’t actually landed anywhere near our eyes. New knowledge permanently alters the way we take in a given optical illusion. And, according to a study recently published in the journal Psychological Science, much of what we see in our peripheral vision is just the mind making up things that aren’t really there.

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