APS Member Networking Sessions

APS Member Networking Sessions! Find collaborators, get advice, give advice, and take time to advance the field and your career by making new connections. These member-only events are free and allow you to virtually connect with others in your field and with similar interests and goals. Register now.

How does it work?

Participants will be paired for a five-minute conversation using a platform called Twine. At the end of the conversation, the pair can elect to continue talking, or be matched with someone else.  There is an option to share contact information to follow up if parties are interested.

What do I need to do?

Register for the networking sessions that appeal to you. On the day of the networking session, you will receive a link to access the event, along with some helpful hints about setting up your profile and troubleshooting tips. Then just show up ready to meet other fascinating and brilliant psychological scientists!

Thursday9-Sep12pm EDT / 4pm UTCGraduate Students and Post DocsComplete
Friday10-Sep12pm EDT / 4pm UTCGeneral NetworkingComplete
Thursday16-Sep12pm EDT / 4pm UTCSocial/Personality Psychological ScientistsComplete
Friday17-Sep12pm EDT / 4pm UTCEarly CareerComplete
Thursday23-Sep1pm EDT / 5pm UTCGeneral Networking Complete
Friday24-Sep1pm EDT / 5pm UTCClinical Psychology Complete
Thursday30-Sep12pm EDT / 4pm UTCLGBTQ+ Psychological Scientists

Cognitive Psychological Scientists
Friday1-Oct12pm EDT / 4pm UTCDevelopmental Psychological Scientists Complete
Thursday7-Oct1pm EDT / 5pm UTCPsychological Scientists in Europe

Psychological Scientists in South America
Friday8-Oct12pm ET / 4pm UTCGeneral Networking Complete
Thursday14-Oct12pm ET / 4pm UTCTeaching of PsychologyRegister
 Friday15-Oct12pm ET / 4pm UTCEarly Career and Post DocMember Login
Thursday21-Oct11pm ET Wednesday 20-Oct/
3am UTC Thursday 21-Oct
Psychological Scientists in AsiaMember Login