1994 James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award

Julian C. Stanley, Jr.

Johns Hopkins University

The Association for Psychological Science names Julian C. Stanley as a James McKeen Cattell Fellow in recognition of his sustained and rigorous contributions applied psychological research.

Julian C. Stanley began as a major contributor to the design and statistical analysis of applied research. He then launched a study of mathematically precocious youth that has been a model of applied research. Currently in its third decade, his longitudinal study has shaped our knowledge of the nature of mathematical ability, our understanding of giftedness, the construction of educational environments optimal for the development of talented youths, and the lives of the thousands of adolescents who have been touched by his program. Their accomplishments are testament to the impact of his research.

As he recognized and honored their extraordinary abilities, the Association for Psychological Science, by naming him a James McKeen Cattell Fellow, recognizes his.