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Volume 17, Issue2February, 2004

Why did psychology’s leading researchers take that first course? Was it the compelling advice of a master? Perhaps a sudden epiphany? There’s a story behind every good psychologist. A cross-section of psychologists were asked to share their stories and illuminate the heart of this careerma king decision. Part one of More

Harry T. Reis grew up smack in the middle of Manhattan. He even pursued his education there, finishing with a doctorate from New York University in 1975. But while many native New Yorkers are legendary for not knowing how to drive, Reis got his license the first chance he could More

Behavioral Science at NIH: FY 2004 Appropriations Report Language The following report language appeared in Senate Report 108-81, which accompanied the Senate’s funding for the National Institute of Health in FY 04. National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) Behavioral Research – The Committee believes NIGMS has a scientific mandate More

Since 1985, Mark S. Goldman has worked as a research professor in the psychology department at the University of South Florida, where he later became director of the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Research Institute. Goldman’s major research interests are in alcohol expectancies, cognitive mediators of alcoholism risk, and the development More

Not long ago, the editor of a publishing company approached me about editing a Handbook of Human Memory that would cover the field. I said that there was no need; Tulving and Craik had published The Oxford Handbook of Memory in 2000. Why did we need another one? Undeterred, the More

Core Concepts In his Presidential Column, Roddy Roediger [Observer, November 2003] well articulated the perennial depth vs. breadth question facing psychology programs in terms of course requirements. I recently completed my PhD after attending two institutions whose psychology departments required a certain degree of breadth in coursework. Based on my More

It’s bound to happen almost every three years – the text that you worked so hard to select and then worked even harder to incorporate into your course comes out in a new edition. For many faculty, this can be a vexing addition to an already heavy workload. They may More