Socioeconomic Status

Pretty much everybody thinks they’re better than average. But in some cultures, people are more self-aggrandizing than in others. Until now, national differences in “self-enhancement” have been chalked up to an East-West individualism-versus-collectivism divide. In the West, where people value independence, personal success, and uniqueness, psychologists have said, self-inflation is More

La Repubblica Italia: Egoista, insensibile e incredibilmente avaro, l’Arpagone di Molière non avrebbe avuto nessun problema ad ammettere che i ricchi sono diversi dai poveri, e che l’abisso che separa le due categorie non sta tanto nelle possibilità economiche quanto in quelle emozionali. Dura da digerire, la sua teoria è More

Calgary Herald: Turns out the rich really are different. But not necessarily in the ways we assume. Though economically privileged, people from upper-class backgrounds consistently display deficits in empathy, social engagement, generosity and sensitivity as compared to those from the lower classes. The differences in behaviour are so marked, in More

TIME: “Lower-class” individuals—i.e., folks without much money or education—demonstrate more compassion and empathy than their wealthy counterparts, according to a series of psychological studies. In social scientist speak, “self-oriented behavior” is more likely to be exhibited by people with good educations, prestigious jobs, high incomes, and overall higher-ranking social status. More