The Atlantic: There’s an episode in the first season of The Office in which Michael Scott, the tactless boss, is asking his female employees to serve as cheerleaders for an upcoming company basketball game. When the heavyset Phyllis says she’ll do it, Michael reflexively says, “Oh yuck, that’s worse than you playing.” He then More

Real Simple: Contrary to popular belief, the number one catalyst for laughter isn’t a joke: It’s interacting with another person. That’s because the modern-day ha-ha! probably evolved as a form of communication. Our primate ancestors used a similar sound—a sort of pant-pant—to reassure one another that their rough-and-tumble play was More

New York Magazine:  There’s a scene in the rom-com parody They Came Together that goes like this: Bartender: “You look like you’ve had a bad day.” Paul Rudd: “You can say that again.” Bartender: “Well, you came in here looking like crap and you haven’t said very much.” Rudd: “Tell me about More

The Washington Post:  Humor isn’t part of most mission statements. Organizations are busy with the serious challenges of trying to improve sales, service and innovation. Besides, being funny is risky. No one appreciates a poorly timed joke or the overactive “fun-gineer” blasting the office with cheesy motivational emails. Yet CEOs More