Romance, Schmomance: Natural Selection Continues Even After Sex

Some breaking news, just in time for Valentine’s Day:  Researchers have identified something called “sperm competition” that they think has evolved to ensure a genetic future.  In sexual reproduction, natural selection is generally thought of as something that happens prior to – and in fact leads to — the Big More


Nice Pair of Genes A study of twins by APS Fellow and Charter Member J. Philippe Rushton, University of Western Ontario, suggests that genes may have much more of an effect on social attitudes — particularly positive ones — than once thought. A group of identical, non-identical, same-sex, and mixed-sex More

Expressing Genetic Information

Last April, scientists announced the completion, with greater than 99.99 percent accuracy, of the Human Genome Project, the culmination of a publicly funded, 13-year international effort to sequence the three billion DNA letters contained in the human genome. Now behavioral and social scientists are being tapped to address the issues More

50 Years of DNA: What It Has Meant to Psychological Science

Celebrate the discovery more than the discoverers … Rosalind Franklin Discovering the structure of DNA was a race that others would soon have won if Watson and Crick had not beaten them to it. In part, Watson and Crick won the race because they had seen an unpublished X-ray photograph More