Social Experiences Affect Our Genes and Health

Prevailing wisdom suggests that our genes remain largely fixed over time. But, an emerging field of research is beginning to prove this intuition wrong. Scientists are uncovering increasing evidence that changes in the expression of hundreds of genes can occur as a result of the social environments we inhabit. As More

Intelligenz und Erbgut (Intelligence and Genes)

Süeddeutsche Zeitung: Die Bedeutung einzelner Genabschnitte für den IQ wird überschätzt Wie erblich ist Intelligenz? Diese Frage treibt Wissenschaftler seit vielen Jahrzehnten um. Zuletzt tauchten oft simple Antworten auf diese komplexe Frage auf. Dieser oder jener Baustein im Genom eines Menschen übe einen starken Einfluss auf dessen generelle Intelligenz aus More

Gender: A Product of Cultural and Biological Evolution

Wendy Wood, of University of Southern California, and Alice Eagly, of Northwestern University, chairs of the symposium on the cultural and biological evolution of gender, have been turning heads for the last couple years by casting doubt on the dominant discourse in evolutionary psychology of gender.  By examining the ways More

Date Comedy

The New Yorker: Tad Friend writes this week about Anna Faris. His article is called “Funny Like a Guy,” and it discusses whether Faris’s style of humor can succeed in a movie industry that caters to adolescent males. There is no doubt that there is a gender gap in humor—whether More