Friendship Australia: DEAR reader, you’re an idiot. And you smell bad. And nobody likes you. And, according to one professor, you’re more likely to share this story with your friends if you took those insults to heart. A new study published in Psychological Science suggests that being aroused makes people More

National Post: What is a little money between friends? According to new research, at the very least, it’s not going to stimulate bonding. Researchers have found that mimicry strengthens social bonding between strangers. By subtly imitating a person’s posture or gestures, you can create goodwill. But a new study looking More

Yahoo News: Certain emotions like fear, anger or plain amusement prompt us to share articles, news and stories with our friends and acquaintances. According to a University of Pennsylvania research, these emotions are characterized by high arousal and action, unlike sadness or contentment, emotions linked with low arousal or inaction. More

Know thyself. That was Socrates’ advice, and it squares with conventional wisdom. “It’s a natural tendency to think we know ourselves better than others do,” says Washington University in St. Louis assistant professor Simine Vazire. But a new article by Vazire and her colleague Erika N. Carlson reviews the research More