Auditory Perception

Metaphors for Musical Pitch Vary, but the Basic Principles Are the Same

Most Americans think of musical pitches as being “high” or “low.” But this height metaphor isn’t universal — some cultures use “thin” and “thick” or “light” and “heavy” to describe musical pitches. New research published in Psychological Science suggests that the metaphors we use aren’t just linguistic flourishes — visual More

Kristiina Kompus

University of Bergen, Norway What does your research focus on? Involuntary cognition, that is: complex mental acts which occur without volition or intention to perform them. For instance, involuntary retrieval of episodic memories, having a song “stuck” in your head, auditory hallucinations. Thus, such experiences range from benign features More

Language and Perception – Insights from Psychological Science

New research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, examines the nuanced relationship between language and different types of perception. Bilingual Infants Can Tell Unfamiliar Languages Apart Speaking more than one language can improve our ability to control our behavior and focus our attention, recent research More