Animal Research

To the editor: It was more than a little surprising to read Wray Herbert’s review of Sharon Begley’s book, Train Your Mind Change Your Brain, in the APS Observer (March, 2007, p. 15) claiming that Michael Meaney’s (fascinating, groundbreaking and outstanding) work “has proven that the way mothers treat their More

At an earlier stage of my academic career, a college dean asked me to reevaluate a scholar who initially had been denied tenure.  The scientist in question had published in highly regarded journals, was known to be a superb teacher, and was already the recipient of prestigious awards for superior More

Those who know her best describe Sylvia as closed off and even “disdainful.” So it was a shock that the 23-year-old baboon turned to her companions for support when her daughter and best grooming partner, Sierra, suffered a fatal encounter with a lion. Sylvia’s observed behavior – seeking comfort from More