APS 19th Annual Convention (2007)

Decisions, Decisions

The themed program “Risky Decision-Making Across the Lifespan” at the APS 19th Annual Convention included a symposium on everything from the neurological basis for decision-making to the wide-reaching societal implications of understanding how we make the myriad decisions we face everyday. Sage or Just Age? According to Ellen Peters, Decision More

Motivational Speakers

Like many people, I start my day with a cup of coffee. A small vice, yes, but I have few reservations about my artificial boost of motivation. This, of course, isn’t the only thing that pushes me — and presumably the rest of the coffee drinkers of the world &#8212 More

Truth and Lies, Courts and Spies

Barbara A. Spellman, University of Virginia, began her presentation with a little quiz drawn from ordinary life — “Is the sky blue?” she asked. “Is the earth round? Were there weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Was O.J. Simpson guilty?” “I don’t really care about your answers,” she said. “What More

Recent Advances in False Memory Research

The “Recent Advances in False Memory Research” symposium at the APS 19th Annual Convention showcased innovative research being conducted around the world on this fascinating topic. Presenters explored complex issues surrounding the development, understanding, neural basis, and underlying psychological mechanisms of false memories. Cara Laney, University of Leicester, discussed “Implanting More