Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science Call for Editor Nominations

Deadline: March 12, 2021

Nominations are now being invited for Editor of Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science (AMPPS), APS’s newest journal that serves as the home for discipline-wide dissemination and discussion of new developments in research practices, methods, and conduct. Founded in 2017, this unique journal publishes new types of empirical work alongside articles and tutorials on research practices and methods, broadly conceived. The editorial scope encompasses the breadth of psychological science, with editors, reviewers, and articles representing a balance among diverse disciplinary perspectives and methodological approaches. An explicit part of the journal’s mission is to encourage integration of methodological and analytical questions across multiple branches of psychological science. This type of cross-area integration is an innovative aspect of the journal and is fundamental to its identity, as is its mission of bringing methodological advances to all areas of the field. 

The journal publishes several types of articles: Empirical Articles, which typically take the form of a Registered Report, peer reviewed prior to data collection and provisionally accepted to be published regardless of the results; Registered Replication Reports, large multi-lab replication efforts designed to determine a more precise estimate of effect size; General Articles, nonempirical articles that can cover any topic related to methods and practices, such as simulation studies and reanalyses of existing data; Tutorials, which provide hands-on, practical guidance on statistics and/or methods that is of broad interest to psychological scientists; and Commentaries, which are solicited by the editorial team and typically written in response to another article published in the journal.

The Editor must be a seasoned scientist and experienced editor who is able to assemble and lead a team of editors covering methodologies and practices across psychological science as broadly as possible. This is an extraordinary opportunity for an Editor to lead an influential APS journal and a choice publication outlet for research methodologies and practices that can guide the field.

Selection criteria: A Nominee must be a Member of APS and a recognized leader in psychological science. Criteria to be considered for selecting the Editor include: 

  • Broad knowledge of the field of psychological science
  • Familiarity with APS mission and APS journals
  • Understanding and appreciation of the many relevant methodological approaches and best practices within all the various areas of the field
  • A commitment to transparency in research practices and methods
  • Demonstrated research, writing, reviewing, and managerial skills
  • Significant editorial experience
  • Commitment to devoting time to editorial duties 

Starting date and editorial term: We are looking for an Editor to begin in January 2022 with a term lasting four years.

Nominations for AMPPS Editor are welcomed. Please provide a name and contact information for each nominee by March 12, 2021, to the search committee at Additional material, including curricula vitae and brief statements of interest or support may also be sent, but at this point in the process a name and contact information are sufficient. Self-nominations are welcomed. We especially encourage nominations of members of historically underrepresented and disadvantaged groups in psychology.

AMPPS Editor Search Committee,

Elaine Walker (chair), Emory University

Michael Cunningham, Tulane University

Fernanda Ferreira, University of California, Davis

Diane Carol Gooding, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Catherine Hartley, New York University

Marcel van Assen, Tilburg University

Robert Gropp, APS Executive Director (Ex Officio)