NSF Funding for Research on Smart and Connected Health

See the central role of behavioral science in this integrative grant opportunity at the intersection of health and computers

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has issued an interagency, integrative funding opportunity supporting scientists seeking to transform health and medicine through the integration of different scientific disciplines, including psychological science, with informational science and innovative computer technology. This grant opportunity, through the Smart and Connected Health (SCH) program, supports approaches that partner behavioral, biological, and medical research with technological transformations.

According to NSF, the purpose of SCH is to support next-generation, multidisciplinary science that can have breakthroughs in areas of value to health. Examples of such breakthroughs include but are not limited to, modeling of sociobehavioral and cognitive processes, advanced analytics, and privacy and security.

Grants should be submitted by multidisciplinary teams drawing from the behavioral, social, and cognitive sciences; computer and information sciences; engineering; and biomedical and health research. The deadline for applications is December 11, 2019, and each December 11 annually thereafter.

For more information about the Smart and Connected Health (SCH) program, visit the funding opportunity here.

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