Economic and Social Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship

Learn about this opportunity from one of the UK’s premier funders of behavioral science

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) is one of the strongest supporters of behavioral and psychological science in the UK. Did you know that it provides funding for postdoctoral research positions? This fellowship opportunity offers individuals opportunities to develop research and professional skills, grow networks, and expand publications.  

The ESRC solicitation notes that activities supported by the fellowship include: 

  • producing publications to help establish track record 
  • engaging with a range of different audiences to communicate research findings 
  • building networks to develop impact opportunities support further development 
  • collaborating with users through an internship or placement 
  • further training to improve research and related skills 
  • developing funding proposals 
  • carrying out further limited research related to their PhD 
  • teaching 
  • research visits to internationally leading research organisations, either in the UK or abroad, for the purposes of research collaboration, training, and access to data or other resources not available at the applicant’s host organisation 

Proposals can be focused on either a single field or contain multidisciplinary components, though it is noted that at least 50 percent of fellowship activities need to be in the social sciences. 

Interested applicants should have completed their PhD at a research institution that is part of a Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP), or be within 12 months of passing their viva voce. A list of the Doctoral Training Programs and contact information can be found here. The list of DTP’s participating in the fellowship can also be found under ‘How to Apply’ in the funding solicitation. 

The deadline for applications is March 23, 2021. 

For more information, see the ESRC postdoctoral fellowship solicitation here.