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Volume 14, Issue9November, 2001

Arthritis patients using Palm Pilots to self-report their pain… A laboratory studying how people navigate the Internet… A web site to help others design “usable, useful and accessible” web sites… Methods developed to evaluate large federal research initiatives… An agenda to accelerate the testing, development and evaluation of health behavior More

Sixteen years ago, the National Academy of Sciences published a report on data archiving for the behavioral sciences entitled Sharing Research Data. Much of the report was devoted to a discussion of objections by behavioral scientists to having databases. In the years since the report was published, the effort to More

Sometimes it is possible to make a dream come true. I did just that in March of this year, when the East/West Conference on Health and Well Being was convened in Kathmandu, Nepal. The result of four years of planning, this conference brought together scholars from the east and the More

My job is a jail. Who hasn’t thought that, or something like it, at one time or another (APS employees being the clear exception, of course-we love our jobs). But this expression isn’t intended to actually invoke the image of someone chained to a desk behind bars. The figurative intent More

It was a story with sex appeal: “Widely-used antidepressants may help slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease!” Lots of people use antidepressants, and lots of people are affected by Parkinson’s, including some very famous people. Readers would be interested. It had the chance of making it into the paper at More

Psychological Science at Vanderbilt University has a powerful new look and an enhanced presence bringing together vital capabilities to tackle important psychological issues. The Department of Psychology (Arts and Science) and the Department of Psychology & Human Development (Peabody College) are integrating select graduate and undergraduate degree programs to take More

Very little seems to have changed in the little college town in which I live. The weather has turned cool, and the maples are turning red along the street that I travel to work. Tiny girls and tiny boys bicycle to elementary school, lost under their safety helmets, watched from More