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Volume 3, Issue3May 1990

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  • This is a photo of a piece of paper torn to reveal the phrase "uncover the facts"

    Myths and Misinformation

    How does misinformation spread and how do we combat it? Psychological science sheds light on the mechanisms underlying misinformation and ‘fake news.’

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  • The APS 10K

    Most of us no doubt know the song, "Give me some "people" who are stout-hearted "people", who will fight for the rights ... etc., and I'll soon give you ten thousand more ... " That might well have been the proper campaign song for the group of pioneers who created the Assembly for Scientific and Applied Psychologists (ASAP) and who subsequently founded the American Psychological Society. Five thousand was the approximate APS membership at the time of our first convention in Alexandria, Virginia. The song might also have been sung at that convention, for now, just one year later, APS membership is approximately ten thousand! This is a remarkable achievement for an organization that is less than two years old. But, other accomplishments of APS in this brief period are no less remarkable.