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Volume 22, Issue6July/August, 2009
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Volume 22, Issue6July/August, 2009

Members in the News

Dan Ariely, Duke University, NPR (Marketplace), May 4, 2009: Predictably Irrational. Ozlem N. Ayduk, University of California, Berkeley, The New… More

Gender Differences in Space

Gender stereotypes were put to the test in APS Fellow and Charter Member Nora S. Newcombe’s Psi Chi Distinguished Lecture… More

‘Tis the Season

For APS Fellow Irving Zucker, there really is a reason for the seasons — or at least the seasonal rhythms… More

Sugar, Stress, and Sex

Christa McIntyre “So, apparently, putting ‘sex’ in the title really brings people out,” Ewan McNay, University at Albany, the State… More

An Architectural Tour of the Mind

Dario Maestripieri The “The Architecture of the Mind” theme program exemplified the overall theme of this year’s convention, “Crossing Boundaries… More

Measuring Magnitude

Linda Bartoshuk My entire family loves pickles — except me. At our family reunion there are several large jars of… More


The New Genetics

Frances Champagne Back in the day, when you learned about genetics and evolution in school, it was all about Mendel… More

In Search of Funding

It goes without saying that graduate school is a busy time for students. Research, training, and manuscript writing occupy many… More