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Volume 13, Issue6July/August 2000

Presidential Column

Robert Bjork
Robert A. Bjork
University of California, Los Angeles
APS President 2000 - 2001
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Toward One World of Psychological Science

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  • Toward One World of Psychological Science

    Editor's Note: In the May/June issue, a column by Bjork and Ceci listed several individuals involved in developing reports for APS's new journal, Psychological Science in the Public Interest. The editorial team led by Keith Raynor (investigating the question "what is the most effective way to teach reading for various types of learners?") also includes Barbara Foorman. My setting, as I write this column, differs wildly from my office at UCLA, and not just because there is a complete absence of clutter. I am in my room at the Kloster Seeon, a monastery in Bavaria that has been converted to a retreat and conference center. The monastery, which dates back to 999, is stunning, both in its architecture and in its physical setting, which was once an island but is now a peninsula of land that juts out into Lake Secon.