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Volume 3, Issue4July 1990

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  • This is a photo of a piece of paper torn to reveal the phrase "uncover the facts"

    Myths and Misinformation

    How does misinformation spread and how do we combat it? Psychological science sheds light on the mechanisms underlying misinformation and ‘fake news.’

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  • Business as Usual

    For those of you who were unable to attend the APS convention in Dallas I am happy to report that we had a remarkably successful meeting. The meeting was well-attended (over 1,300 participants!) and the program was superb. Our thanks are due to Ann Howard, Jim Kalat and David Olton for planning the program and to Ellen Kimmel for handling all of the local arrangements. And, of course, Alan Kraut and the APS staff did a very professional job of managing the convention. The APS Board and the Washington Office staff have already started to plan for the third (yes, third) convention which will be held in Washington, DC, June 13-17, 1991. We are very pleased that Jim Kalat has agreed to serve as program chair for the 1991 convention. It is not too early to think about suggestions for next year's program.