APS Ad-Hoc Committee on Global Engagement

Individuals interested in contributing or simply staying informed about the deliberations of the APS Ad-Hoc Committee on Global Engagement are encouraged to express their interest in the “Serve on an APS Committee” section of our website.

The APS Ad-Hoc Committee on Global Engagement is charged with engaging individuals from across the APS membership in discussions that contribute to the acquisition of data and insights that inform APS efforts to cultivate and catalyze a global scientific community dedicated to fostering the development and furtherance of psychological science around the world. 

The Ad-Hoc Committee shall endeavor to pursue its work primarily through virtual meetings and discussions but is encouraged to consider hosting in-person meetings for attendees of the APS Annual Convention and ICPS. 


The Ad-Hoc Committee is charged for a period of two years and shall initially engage panel members and the broader APS membership in dialogue that results in the articulation of the scientific importance and merits of promoting the development of a more global psychological science enterprise. This articulation should be used to inform deliberations and the formulation of recommendations for models of how APS can engage with scientists from around the world to advance the articulated vision for a global psychological science enterprise.

The Ad-Hoc Committee shall be co-chaired by at least two APS members in good-standing and will include support from APS staff member(s) designated by the CEO/Executive Director who will help support the work of the panel and provide programmatic information and data as appropriate and helpful. The Ad-Hoc Committee will reflect the diversity APS seeks to support in its membership and psychology more broadly. The Ad-Hoc Committee shall include at least seven individual members representing a diversity of psychological science domains, global regions/geography, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, and other dimensions of diversity. The Ad-Hoc Committee may include more members as feasible and practical to achieve the goals of the panel and is encouraged to engage additional APS members from around the world who may not be members of the Ad-Hoc Committee. The co-chairs will work with the APS staff to actively solicit from the APS membership volunteers for service on the Ad-Hoc Committee or to otherwise engage in the work of the Ad-Hoc Committee.  

The Ad-Hoc Committee is encouraged to engage with other APS Committees as appropriate and necessary.

The Ad-Hoc Committee should endeavor to promote the goals of open science by engaging in discussions and deliberations in as transparent and open fashion as is practical. The Ad-Hoc Committee shall prepare and provide reports and recommendations for review and consideration by the APS Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall not be obligated to act on any given recommendation and may request the Ad-Hoc Committee further explore any proposed action. Recommendations from the Ad-Hoc Committee shall be considered in the context of their implications for budget, legal, or other policy and administrative considerations or limits.