Job Seeker Resources

A Letter to Young Scientists
By John Cacioppo

The Job Hunt

Vita Voyeur
By Henry L. Roediger, III

By Ramani S. Durvasula and Pamela C. Regan

The Role of Institutional Culture and Values What Really to Look for in the Job Hunt
By Robert J. Sternberg

Grant-getting and Funding Resources

By Bettina J. Casad

Applying for Research Grants
By Bettina J. Casad

Our Urban Legends: Grants
By Walter Mischel

APSSC Funding Database

Tips for New Professor

By Henry L. Roediger, III

The Compleat Picture From Professing to Publishing, Department Politics to Getting Grants, ‘The Compleat Academic’ Is There
By Kirsten Michels

Focus on Academia
The Compleat Academic

By Henry L. Roediger, III

Surviving the Tenure Review Process: ‘Still Not King’
By Zenzi Griffin

Teaching Tips Columns

Employer Resources

A Developmental Strategy to Write Effective Letters of Recommendation
By Drew C. Appleby

Fashion vs. Passion
The Perils of Fad Hiring

By Robert J. Sternberg

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Profiles, Experiences

Hup Holland! Tales from My Joint
Appointment in the Netherlands

By Brad J. Bushman

Psychology Around the World

Psychologists in Non-Traditional Academic

Psychological Scientists in the Private Sector

Scientists in the Service

Fulbright Scholars

The Non-Traditional Transition to a PhD
By Kim Thomas