2020 Program Committee

The APS Annual Convention is shaped substantially by the Program Committee. The Committee’s ideas, experiences, and efforts form each Annual Convention.

Under the direction of the Chair, the Program Committee is responsible for the scientific and educational aspects of the Convention. The Program Committee selects programming and speakers consistent with the APS Convention goals and the broad interests of APS Members – psychological scientists whose interests and research span the entire research and teaching spectrum. APS is dedicated to encouraging and supporting emerging areas in psychological science and the Convention has been central to this effort.

June Gruber
University of Colorado, Boulder
Committee Chair
Berrin Erdogan
Portland State
Kristin A. Lindquist
University of
North Carolina

University of Ulm, Germany

R. Eric Landrum
Boise State University
Lis Nielsen
NIH/National Institute
on Aging
Elizabeth Page-Gould
University of
Toronto, Canada
Franco Pestilli
Indiana University,
Jennifer L. Tackett
Lotte van Dillen
Leiden University,