Susan Goldin-Meadow

Susan Goldin-Meadow Columns

Presidential Columns featured in the Observer magazine by past APS President Susan Goldin-Meadow

  • What Counts As Data?

    APS President Susan Goldin-Meadow argues that allowing different kinds of data in psychological science gives researchers ways to test a hypothesis using multiple approaches, thereby strengthening their conclusions. More

  • Preregistration, Replication, and Nonexperimental Studies

    In last month’s column, I worried about whether encouraging us to preregister our hypotheses and analysis plan before running studies would stifle discovery. I came to the conclusion that it needn’t — but that we need to guard against letting the practice run away with itself. In this column, I More

  • Why Preregistration Makes Me Nervous

    I must admit that when I first heard of the effort to get psychological scientists to preregister their studies (that is, to submit to a journal a study’s hypotheses and a plan for how the data will be analyzed before that study has been run), I had a moment of More