Holland Takes Interdisciplinary International

When Daniel Holland, a psychology professor at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, set out to examine the role non-governmental organizations play in the health care infrastructure of post-communist societies, he was ready for some surprises. But, as someone who has devoted years of his life to learning, he More

Psychology That Spans Boundaries

Some of the most interesting and meaningful research in psychological science spans the boundaries of disciplines. During her term as APS President, Susan T. Fiske highlighted cross-disciplinary work in the Observer Presidential Columns. “Psychology That Spans Boundaries” was also the focus of Fiske’s Presidential Symposium at the APS Annual Convention More

The Two Social Psychologies

Continuing our series on boundary-crossing science, professor Douglas Massey, former president of the American Sociological Association and current chair of the sociology department at the University of Pennsylvania, writes about the challenges of combining micro and macro. His research on how segregation affects the lives of black and Hispanic Americans-best More

Reflections of a Sociological Social Psychologist

I am a psychologist, albeit one who also functions as a sociologist. My aim in this column is to discuss some issues that can arise in pursuing a research career that crosses disciplinary boundaries. In my case, the relevant disciplines are psychology and sociology. As chair of the social psychology More