Gender Roles

Gender Equality Influences How People Choose Their Partners

Men and women clearly have different strategies for picking sexual partners, but the reason why differences exist is less clear. The classic explanation for these differences has been that men’s and women’s brains have evolved to make certain choices, but a new study in Psychological Science, a publication of the More

Do Talkative Women Leaders Have Less Power Than Talkative Men?

Forbes: Victoria Brescoll, a professor of organizational behavior at the Yale School of Management, probes the impact of stereotypes on people’s status inside organizations. She’s especially interested in the way women and men get treated at work, when they exhibit the same behavior. Back in 2007, Brescoll made headlines for More

When Scientists Choose Motherhood

American Scientist: Gender inequities in science, technology, mathematics and engineering have long been a subject of concern. Some advances—more women than ever are working in the biological sciences—along with broad societal changes have improved the outlook. Still, women are significantly underrepresented in many fields. These changes require a reassessment of More