Work Engagement, Job Satisfaction, and Productivity—They’re a Virtuous Cycle

Engaged workers—those who approach their work with energy, dedication, and focus—are more open to new information, more productive, and more willing to go the extra mile. Moreover, engaged workers take the initiative to change their work environments in order to stay engaged. What do we know about the inner workings More

Anti-racism campaigns increase bias: Message of tolerance proves more effective

Montreal Gazette: Touting the benefits of tolerance, as opposed to trying to shame people for their prejudices, can be more effective in reducing racism, suggests a new study from researchers at the University of Toronto. Aggressive anti-racism campaigns might actually increase bias toward other groups, while messages emphasizing the personal More

Share the love! Being aroused makes you more likely to send information to other people, study finds Dear reader, You’re an idiot. And you smell bad. And nobody likes you. And, according to one professor, you’re more likely to share this story with your friends if you took those insults to heart. A new study published in Psychological Science suggests that being aroused makes people more More