Two Scientists Walk Into A Bar

Host of NPR’s Science Friday Ira Flatow says “Insert your joke here. Can jokes with a science twist be funny? And can they ever appeal to a mass audience?” Flatow invites guests to exchange jokes as they discuss the challenges of making science funny, and whether having a sense of humor can help scientists communicate their work to the public. Catch the show every Friday from 2-4 pm, Eastern time.

Guests include Brian Malow (Science Comedian and freelance science video correspondent for Time), Tim Lee (Science Comedian), Norm Goldblatt (Physicist and Comedian), and Flora Lichtman (Multimedia Editor of NPR’s Science Friday).

Check out the radio program information here. If you can’t listen live, listen online here.

What some more humor for today?

Also, check out this article from Yahoo Canada’s blog the Daily Brew, What really makes people laugh at jokes on April Fool’s Day?, which features APS member Peter McGraw and his Psychological Science study that shows what it takes to make something funny. Below McGraw describes his Benign Violation Theory of Humor.

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