2nd National Congress of Psychology

The 2nd National Congress of Psychology will be held from November 13–18, 2016, in Mombasa, Kenya. The theme is “Terrorism and Youth Radicalization: Our Role, Our Challenge!”

The congress objectives are:

  1. To enable participants to amass concrete data on the factors that lead to terrorism and to use those insights to develop ways to thwart terrorism; and
  2. To highlight what both researchers and the broader community can and must do in order to realistically engage the terrorist.

Focal topics will include:

  • Cyber crime and terrorism
  • Terrorist recruitment
  • Law enforcement and counterterrorism policies
  • Adolescence and youth radicalization
  • Religion and terrorism
  • Perceived discrimination, unequal distribution of resources and opportunities
  • Perceived injustice and humiliation
  • Ethnic discrimination and negative ethnicity
  • Childhood abuse and trauma
  • The role of psychology in combating terrorism.

The standard registration deadline is September 30, 2016. Visit the conference website for more details.


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