February 2013 Volume 26, Number 2

Teaching Tips

Interteaching: Ten Tips for Effective Implementation

Interteaching is a new, multi-component method of classroom instruction that has its roots in B. F. Skinner’s operant psychology, or as it is more commonly known today, behavior analysis. ... More>

Teaching Tips

Portfolios in Psychology Classes

Introductory psychology instructors have the opportunity to teach students basic scientific literacy skills that will allow them to think critically about important topics. ... More>

Teaching Tips

A Civic Scientific Literacy Perspective in the Psychology Classroom

One of the most enjoyable aspects of teaching psychology courses is that we get to share some highly relevant, personally applicable, and fascinating science with our students. Among the sciences, psychology has perhaps the most far reaching applications to personal and societal matters. Of course, instructors who teach science courses of all types want their students to understand the deeper, societal relevance of the material and research they cover. ... More>

Presidential Column

Beyond the Department

If university administrators take simple steps to promote interdisciplinary research, psychology departments will reap big benefits. ... More>

Observer Article

APS, Psychonomic Society Join Forces on Estes Fund

A new partnership of APS and the Psychonomic Society will oversee a fund to extend the legacy of one of the most influential psychological scientists of the past century. The partnership will support a variety of activities aimed at strengthening methodology in mathematical, quantitative and experimental psychology and related areas. ... More>