New Grant Opportunities for Student and Postdoc-led Science Policy Groups

Promote civic involvement with seed funding from Research!America

If you’re involved in a science policy group that’s interested in improving civic engagement and promoting the value of scientific research, you’ll want to learn more about two new “microgrant” funding opportunities offered by Research!America, a group which advocates for science and innovation to improve health.

Research!America’s microgrant initiative, in its second year, seeks to support student and postdoc-led science policy groups working to increase civic engagement.

“We are interested in supporting projects to enable early-career scientists to increase their level of engagement with elected officials, non-elected government officials and community leaders. The project can encompass a single large event or a number of events and activities. Some examples include roundtable discussions, public forums and social media engagement.  Innovative ideas are welcomed,” says Research!America in its request for proposals.

This year, Research!America is offering a second type of microgrant, too, titled the “Science Meets Science” microgrant. This initiative aims to bridge behavioral and social scientists with scientists in other areas (life sciences, chemistry, mathematics, etc.).

“Competitive proposals are those that undertake civic engagement activities based on combining expertise across scientific domains. The types of projects… are encouraged to include engagement with public officials as a component.”

The Research!America microgrants award up to $3,000. Applications are due September 20, 2019, and funded projects should be completed by March 31, 2020.

To learn more about Research!America’s Civic Engagement 2019 request for proposals, click here.

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