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New study sheds light on ‘dark side of happiness’

The Boston Globe: The “pursuit of happiness’’ has been something Americans have valued ever since the Founding Fathers inserted it into the Declaration of Independence. Yet some psychologists now question whether happiness is, indeed, a worthwhile goal, since new findings suggest the pursuit could actually make us more unhappy. In More


The Economist: GDP is a useful measure. After all, nations with high GDP per head have more education, better health and longevity, and higher life satisfaction. I would never argue that we should replace GDP with measures of “Subjective Well-Being” (SWB)—”happiness” in common parlance. Instead, I believe that the case More

Pursuing happiness can make you feel worse

Times of India: They say that happiness shouldn’t be thought of as a universally good thing, and outline four ways in which this is the case. Indeed, not all types and degrees of happiness are equally good, and even pursuing happiness can make people feel worse. People who want to More