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The science of economic choice seems to be at a critical juncture. It has long since shrugged off the confines of behaviorism, in favor of psychological realism. Now, studies are showing that, for better or worse, our feelings, motivations, social expectations, and loyalties also play a profound role in shaping More

‘Tips’ Not Cutting Edge I DON’T UNDERSTAND THE purpose of the Observer column “Teaching Tips,” nor do I understand what segment of psychology teachers the feature targets. Maybe they are geared toward graduate students and beginning professors. Maybe they aren’t geared toward seasoned professors such as me. I do know More

Late in the fall of 1998 I received a call from an old friend, J. Galen Buckwalter: “Hey Carter,” he asked. “Would you be interested in doing some data analysis?” At the time, I was halfheartedly pursuing a career as a research consultant for a variety of advertising and technology More

Communication has always come easily for Morton Ann Gernsbacher. As a young girl in Dallas, Gernsbacher would carry on full-fledged conversations with every object in her room, including stuffed animals, bedposts, and crayons. Teachers in her elementary school were constantly reassigning her seat in a futile attempt to stifle her More

Evolution Says Men Marry Down Men are more likely to marry women below them on the corporate ladder, rather than their colleagues or bosses, researchers at the University of Michigan found. The study highlights male concerns about mating with dominant females. “These findings provide empirical support for the widespread belief More