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The Source of Mental Life In “Worse Than Creationism” [Observer, October 2005], Paul Bloom spoke out against dualism. It was a terrific column, it was brave, but it is also a worry. If, as Bloom states, creationism has a “better-adapted descendent, intelligent design,” so too may dualism. The descendent may More

Psychological Science Meets the World of Faith

My contributions to the psychology-religion dialogue reflect my interests as a liberal arts professor who enjoys relating psychological science to other fields, including religion. In some essays and trade books I have danced on the psychology-religion boundary by: relating big ideas about human nature found in psychological science and in More

Vacation: Not What You Remember

On the final morning of their vacation in Cancun, Mexico, Ed Diener drove his daughter Marissa to the airport while his wife Carol stayed behind in their seventh-floor hotel room to shower and prepare for their own later flight. When Carol came from her shower, wearing only a towel wrapped More

The Rich Science of Economic Choice

The science of economic choice seems to be at a critical juncture. It has long since shrugged off the confines of behaviorism, in favor of psychological realism. Now, studies are showing that, for better or worse, our feelings, motivations, social expectations, and loyalties also play a profound role in shaping More