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A Blog by Wray Herbert
Abstinence programs are growing in popularity, but purity over promiscuity may not be a worthy cause. Scientists found no evidence that early loss of virginity actually caused risky sexual behavior later. More>>

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Are You the Jealous Type?  

Jessica L. Bowler from Pitzer College presents her research on "Self-Esteem and Components of Romantic Jealousy." Watch>>

Dating in the Digital Age, OkCupid, opportunities for love are endless. New research shows the algorithms used by these sites don't measure up scientifically. More>>

Oxytocin's (not so) Better Half

Chalk up your Valentine feelings to oxytocin, the "cuddle hormone" that lets us fall in love. Don't get too comfy, though. Recent research shows this feel-good chemical may have a dark side. More>>

More Than a Feeling
Tylenol may help heal a broken heart! An article by Naomi I. Eisenberger provides evidence that social pain shares some circuitry with physical pain. More>>  

Keepin' the (Research on) Romance Alive!

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