Psychological Scientists in the Private Sector

Lucille Woolis Andersen Putting Psychology Out to Pasture
Lucille Woolis Andersen
Wildcat Creek Farms
Chisato Aoki Many Cultures at Work
Chisato Aoki
Fellowship Program
Stuart Card Applications Drive Theory
Stuart Card
Xerox PARC
Allan H. Church Dilbert Notwithstanding...
Allan H. Church
PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
Gail Cramer A Cool Living Zoom
Gail Cramer
Solutions for the 21st Century
Rebecca Collins Bringing Science to National Policies
Rebecca Collins
Susan Croll Basic Research in a Therapeutic Context
Susan Croll
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.
James Cunningham Combining Aptitudes, Interests, Training
James Cunningham
AT&T Labs
Shelly Farnham Social Psychology Online
Shelly Farnham
Microsoft Research
Douglas H. Harris Visible Through the Fog
Douglas H. Harris
Anacapa Sciences, Inc.
Philip Hodgson The Telecommunications Peak
Philip Hodgson
Motorola, Inc.
Celeste McCollough Howard A Vision for Psychological Science
Celeste McCollough Howard
USAF Warfighter Training Research Laboratory
Martin Iguchi Absolute Focus on Research
Martin Iguchi
James P. Kahan Making A Difference
James P. Kahan
RAND Europe
James R. Lewis Voicing Psychology at Big Blue
James R. Lewis
International Business Machines Corp.
Mary Mannion-Plunkett Measuring Leadership
Mary Mannion-Plunkett
The Boeing Company
David B. Peterson Sleeping With the Enemy?
David B. Peterson
Personnel Decisions Intl
Peter Pirolli More Time for Research
Peter Pirolli
Xerox PARC
Renée J. Stout Flexibility Be Thy Name
Renée J. Stout
Rogers Taylor Insuring Psychological Science
Rogers Taylor
State Farm Insurance Company
Joan Tucker Bringing Science to National Policies
Joan Tucker

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