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The Student Notebook
Gopakumar Venugopalan, Editor

Student Caucus Annual Board Meeting:
Looking Toward the Future

APS Student Caucus President
The APS Student Caucus Executive Committee convened in St. Louis, Missouri for its annual board meeting in December of 2000. All Executive Committee members, as well as Diana Green, the APS Deputy Director, attended the meeting. It was a very productive (and fun!) time as we focused on ways that we can increase student affiliates' knowledge about, and involvement in, APS and the APS Student Caucus.

Much of our time during the meeting was spent discussing how we currently serve student affiliates, and ideas about how we might improve our activities. In conjunction with our goal of better representing the student affiliates of APS, the Executive Committee decided to launch of "self-assessment" of its activities. Because we know the best way to serve our student affiliates to is gather information directly from them, we will be calling upon our student affiliates to provide us feedback concerning our current programs and awards. We are interested in hearing from YOU about our activities and possible ways we can better serve YOU. In the near future, we will develop an on-line survey for our student affiliates. Please stay tuned for further information!

The APS Student Caucus will continue to support student affiliates' scientific endeavors through its various competitions. Award programs offered in conjunction with the APS Annual Convention include the Student Research Competition, the RiSE-UP Competition, and the Travel Award Competition (please see announcement in this issue of the Student Notebook for more details about this award).

The APS Student Caucus also offers a Student Grant Program. This program provides funding for student affiliates to conduct research that currently is in its initial development. The Student Grant Program offers partial financial support for various research expenses (e.g., the purchase of research materials) prior to data collection. All applications for this program must be postmarked by March 2, 2001. For more information about this program, please visit the APS Student Caucus web site or email David Hanna, APS Student Caucus Graduate Advocate, at

We will also be holding several APS Student Caucus-sponsored events at the 13th Annual Convention in Toronto. These events include:

  • Pre-Convention Orientation: All student affiliates are invited to this informal gathering that will be held prior to the Opening Ceremonies on Thursday, June 14, 2001. This event is intended to provide student affiliates an environment in which they can meet other student affiliates attending the Convention.
  • Breakfast with Champions: Friday morning, June 15, 2001, the APS Student Caucus will offer a breakfast, free of charge, to student affiliates. Please note that you must sign-up to attend the "Breakfast with Champions;" a sign-up form will be provided with Convention registration materials.
  • RiSE-UP Symposium: Friday, June 15, 2001 we will hold our third annual RiSE-UP Symposium to honor winners of the APS Student Caucus Research on Socially and Economically Underrepresented Populations (RiSE-UP) Competition. Winners of this competition will present their research on this year's theme "Culture and Cognition."
  • APS Student Caucus Business Meeting: Saturday, June 16, 2001 we will hold our annual Business Meeting. During this meeting the Executive Committee members will summarize their activities over the prior year, and elections for the 2001-2002 Student Caucus Executive Committee will be held.
Please see the announcement in this issue of the Student Notebook for more details about Executive Committee nominations.

Please look for more details (i.e., times and places) about these APS Student Caucus-sponsored events in future issues of the Student Notebook and future Monthly Email Newsletters from our Communications Director!

I would like to thank all the Executive Committee members, and Diana Green, for their time and effort in making this year's Board Meeting such a success! We all look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Convention!

American Psychological Society
February 2001
Vol. 14, No. 2

©2001 American Psychological Society
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