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January 2002, Volume 15, Number 1
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Student Caucus Annual Board Meeting
Steps Toward a Self-Evaluating Caucus

Resources for Undergraduates

The fact that undergraduates in psychology have a different set of needs from graduate students can sometimes be inadvertently overlooked in a large organization. The two main goals undergraduate advocacy goals for 2001-2002 are increasing and publicizing resources specifically for undergraduates and encouraging feedback about these resources. Here are a few programs currently underway.

Current Research in Psychology

A monthly e-mail newsletter specifically written for undergraduate psychology students. Each month, abstracts from a number of journal articles in a wide variety of fields such as cognitive, social, neuroscience, developmental, and others will be featured. The goal of this newsletter is to assist undergraduates become more aware of the research going on in a particular area of interest. To receive this newsletter, e-mail me at jhansen@ umail.ucsb.edu.

Undergraduate Issues Webpage

This site provides a variety of helpful information to undergraduate students. It contains links to useful resources on the web (updated frequently, and submissions are very welcome), as well as a link to the Undergraduate News page, which provides information on competition deadlines, opportunities, and much more. Make sure to check the site frequently; it is certain to contain important changes on a regular basis.

Committee on Undergraduate Instruction in Ethics

This month, I am forming a committee to research different institution's policies regarding the training and instruction in ethics that is provided to their undergraduate researchers and research assistants. If you'd like to know more about the committee's goals, membership involvement, e-mail jhansen@umail. ucsb.edu.

These are just a few of the many ideas currently in development to better serve the undergraduate population.

The APS Student Caucus Executive Committee convened in Los Angeles, California, for its annual board meeting in November. All Executive Committee members, as well as Diana Green, APS deputy director, attended the meeting. Consistent with our focus on evaluation and feedback, the board spent considerable time on ways that we can obtain input from student affiliates and how to use that input to increase student affiliates' knowledge and involvement in APS and the Student Caucus. If you'd like to be kept abreast of up coming deadlines and services, please sign up for our monthly newsletter by contacting Tim Odegard, todegar@mail.uark.edu.

In addition to planning the events (see below) for the New Orleans convention, we developed an online evaluation survey for APS student affiliates. The survey will allow student affiliate to tell us what services we should continue or consider providing and what services to discontinue.

Students submitting posters for RiSE-UP, SRC, and Grant awards can look forward to feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of their entries. We hope the feedback can be a useful tool for students seeking to improve their skills at writing succinct, informative, and attractive submissions.

The board has also agreed to develop a list of Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs, and their corresponding answers. These FAQs will be based on the general questions sent to board members. The FAQs will be made available on the APSSC web site in conjunction with an effort to add new information and update content on the web site.

We will also be holding several APS Student Caucus-sponsored events at the 14th Annual Convention in New Orleans. Though additional events may be added later, the following events have been secured:

Pre-Convention Orientation

All student affiliates are invited to this informal gathering that will be held prior to the Opening Ceremonies on Thursday, June 6, 2002. This event is intended to provide student affiliates an environment in which they can meet other student affiliates attending the convention and learn about APSSC executive board positions open up for election.

Breakfast with Champions

The Student Caucus will offer a breakfast, free of charge, to student affiliates and a renowned Champion of Psychology (to be announced). Please note that you must sign-up to attend the "Breakfast with Champions;" be sure to indicate on the convention registration form that you'll attend the breakfast.

RiSE-UP Symposium

The fourth annual RiSE-UP Symposium to honor winners of the APS Student Caucus Research on Socially and Economically Underrepresented Populations Competition. Winners of this competition will present their research and take questions.

Student Caucus Business Meeting

During this meeting the executive committee members will summarize their activities over the prior year, and hold elections for the 2002-2003 Student Caucus executive committee. We encourage all APS student affiliates to attend, learn more about APSSC, run for a position on the executive board.

The preparation and future success of the aforementioned events are a result of the extensive collaboration between APS staff and the Student Caucus executive board. I would like to especially thank all the Executive Board members for the exceptional work they have done so far, and Diana Green for her wisdom, patience, consideration, and great sense of humor.

I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Convention!


The APS and APS Student Caucus have helped students attend the APS Annual Convention by defraying part of their travel costs with the Student Travel Award Program. Winners of this competition will receive a cash award of $125 and complimentary registration. Participants are required to volunteer for six hours during the convention. All applicants must be APS student affiliates who have had their proposals accepted for presentation at the 14th Annual Convention in New Orleans. Preference will be given to students who are first authors on their proposals, and who demonstrate need. Special consideration will be given to international students. Students who have a poster or symposia accepted may submit an electronic application to the Travel Award/Volunteer coordinator. This application can be obtained on the APSSC web site: www.psychologicalscience.org/apssc. All applications will automatically be forwarded to the Travel Award/Volunteer coordinator.

The deadline for the applications is March 31 and the winners will be notified by April 30.


The APS Student Caucus sponsors a Hotel Match-Up Program for those students interested in sharing accommodation with other students at the APS 14th Annual Convention. A list of students attending the convention who seek to share lodging is distributed to other interested student members.

This program is ideal for those students travelling to the conference alone. While the APS Student Caucus can not guarantee early-bird hotel rates, so the earlier you find a match and make reservations, the more chance you have of receiving the low rates.

The deadline to participate in the program is March 31. The Hotel Match-Up Program is a service provided by the APS Student Caucus. The APS or APS Student Caucus does not assume any responsibility or liability for costs or otherwise. For more information please visit our web site, or contact the Travel/Award Volunteer Coordinator, Seema Assefi, by e-mail at seema.assefi@vuw.ac.nz.