Psychological Science

Volume 19, Number 7 ·July 2008

Research Reports
Sensory-Specific Satiety Is Intact in Amnesics Who Eat Multiple Meals
Suzanne Higgs, Amy C. Williamson, Pia Rotshtein, and Glyn W. Humphreys

Recalibrating Color Categories Using World Knowledge
Holger Mitterer and Jan Peter de Ruiter

Vision Merges With Touch in a Purely Tactile Discrimination
Ehsan Arabzadeh, Colin W.G. Clifford, and Justin A. Harris

Short Reports
Taking Another Person's Perspective Increases Self-Referential Neural Processing
Daniel L. Ames, Adrianna C. Jenkins, Mahzarin R. Banaji, and Jason P. Mitchell

Measuring the Crowd Within: Probabilistic Representations Within Individuals
Edward Vul and Harold Pashler

The Hidden-Zero Effect: Representing a Single Choice as an Extended Sequence Reduces Impulsive Choice
Eran Magen, Carol S. Dweck, and James J. Gross

Are Older Adults Less Subject to the Sunk-Cost Fallacy Than Younger Adults?
JoNell Strough, Clare M. Mehta, Joseph P. McFall, and Kelly L. Schuller

Research Articles
"Perceptual Scotomas": A Functional Account of Motion-Induced Blindness
Joshua J. New and Brian J. Scholl

Figure-Ground Segmentation Can Occur Without Attention
Ruth Kimchi and Mary A. Peterson

If I'm Not Hot, Are You Hot or Not? Physical-Attractiveness Evaluations and Dating Preferences as a Function of One's Own Attractiveness
Leonard Lee, George Loewenstein, Dan Ariely, James Hong, and Jim Young

Statistical Learning Using Real-World Scenes: Extracting Categorical Regularities Without Conscious Intent
Timothy F. Brady and Aude Oliva

Objects on a Collision Path With the Observer Demand Attention
Jeffrey Y. Lin, Steven Franconeri, and James T. Enns

Induced Perceptual Grouping
Timothy J. Vickery

Error-Monitoring Ability Predicts Daily Stress Regulation
Rebecca J. Compton, Michael D. Robinson, Scott Ode, Lorna C. Quandt, Stephanie L. Fineman, and Joshua Carp

Sweet Silent Thought: Alliteration and Resonance in Poetry Comprehension
R. Brooke Lea, David N. Rapp, Andrew Elfenbein, Aaron D. Mitchel, and Russell Swinburne Romine

Interracial Roommate Relationships: An Experimental Field Test of the Contact Hypothesis
Natalie J. Shook and Russell H. Fazio

Angry, Disgusted, or Afraid? Studies on the Malleability of Emotion Perception
Hillel Aviezer, Ran R. Hassin, Jennifer Ryan, Cheryl Grady, Josh Susskind, Adam Anderson, Morris Moscovitch, and Shlomo Bentin

Effects of Salience Are Short-Lived
Mieke Donk and Wieske van Zoest

Why Does Writing about Important Values Reduce Defensiveness? Self-Affirmation and the Role of Positive Other-Directed Feelings
Jennifer Crocker, Yu Niiya, and Dominik Mischkowski