Psychological Science

Volume 19, Number 5 ·May 2008

Research Reports
Making Message Recipients "Feel Right": How Nonverbal Cues Can Increase Persuasion
Joseph Cesario and E. Tory Higgins

Is the Sky 2? Contextual Priming in Grapheme-Color Synaesthesia
D. Brang, L. Edwards, V.S. Ramachandran, and S. Coulson

Explaining Contradictory Relations Between Risk Perception and Risk Taking
Britain Mills, Valerie F. Reyna, and Steven Estrada

Viewing a Face (Especially One's Own Face) Being Touched Enhances Tactile Perception on the Face
Andrea Serino, Francesca Pizzoferrato, and Elisabetta Ladavas

Short Report
Becoming Friends by Chance
Mitja D. Back, Stefan C. Schmukle, and Boris Egloff

Research Articles
Lacking Power Impairs Executive Functions
Pamela K. Smith, Nils B. Jostmann, Adam D. Galinsky, and Wilco W. van Dijk

Interpersonal Politics: The Role of Terror Management and Attachment Processes in Shaping Political Preferences
David R. Weise, Tom Pyszczynski, Cathy R. Cox, Jamie Arndt, Jeff Greenberg, Sheldon Solomon, and Spee Kosloff

Implicit Proactive Interference, Age, and Automatic Versus Controlled Retrieval Strategies
Simay Ikier, Lixia Yang, and Lynn Hasher

Forgetting and Recovering the Unforgettable
Steven M. Smith and Sarah C. Moynan

In the Footsteps of Biological Motion and Multisensory Perception: Judgments of Audiovisual Temporal Relations Are Enhanced for Upright Walkers
Ayse Pinar Saygin, Jon Driver, and Virginia R. de Sa

Approach-Motivated Positive Affect Reduces Breadth of Attention
Philip A. Gable and Eddie Harmon-Jones

Smarter Than We Think: When Our Brains Detect That We Are Biased
Wim De Neys, Oshin Vartanian, and Vinod Goel

Dissociable Interference-Control Processes in Perception and Memory
Derek Evan Nee and John Jonides

Fighting Death With Death: The Buffering Effects of Learning That Worldview Violators Have Died
Joseph Hayes, Jeff Schimel, and Todd J. Williams

Reading Between the Lies: Identifying Concealed and Falsified Emotions in Universal Facial Expressions
Stephen Porter and Leanne ten Brinke

Social Feedback to Infants' Babbling Facilitates Rapid Phonological Learning
Michael H. Goldstein and Jennifer A. Schwade