Psychological Science

Volume 19, Number 3 ·March 2008

Research Reports
Happiness Is a Personal(ity) Thing: The Genetics of Personality and Well-Being in a Representative Sample
Alexander Weiss, Timothy C. Bates, and Michelle Luciano

Preschoolers' Perspective Taking in Word Learning: Do They Blindly Follow Eye Gaze?
Erika Nurmsoo and Paul Bloom

A Word-Order Constraint on Phonological Activation
Niels Janssen, F.-Xavier Alario, and Alfonso Caramazza

A Double Dissociation Between Action and Perception in the Context of Visual Illusions: Opposite Effects of Real and Illusory Size
Tzvi Ganel, Michal Tanzer, and Melvyn A. Goodale

Short Reports
Where Do We Look During Potentially Offensive Behavior?
Jennifer Randall Crosby, Benoit Monin, and Daniel Richardson

Enhancing the Pace of Recovery: Self-Distanced Analysis of Negative Experiences Reduces Blood Pressure Reactivity
Ozlem Ayduk and Ethan Kross

Research Articles
Talking About Walking: Biomechanics and the Language of Locomotion
Barbara C. Malt, Silvia Gennari, Mutsumi Imai, Eef Ameel, Naoaki Tsuda, and Asifa Majid

Stored Word Sequences in Language Learning: The Effect of Familiarity on Children's Repetition of Four-Word Combinations
Colin Bannard and Danielle Matthews

Implicit Attitude Generalization Occurs Immediately; Explicit Attitude Generalization Takes Time
Kate A. Ranganath and Brian A. Nosek

Toward a Physiology of Dual-Process Reasoning and Judgment: Lemonade, Willpower, and Expensive Rule-Based Analysis
E.J. Masicampo and Roy F. Baumeister

Nonconscious Goal Pursuit in Novel Environments: The Case of Implicit Learning
Baruch Eitam, Ran R. Hassin, and Yaacov Schul

Can an Angry Woman Get Ahead?: Status Conferral, Gender, and Expression of Emotion in the Workplace
Victoria L. Brescoll and Eric Luis Uhlmann

A Motion Aftereffect From Still Photographs Depicting Motion
Jonathan Winawer, Alex Huk, and Lera Boroditsky

Detecting the Snake in the Grass: Attention to Fear-Relevant Stimuli by Adults and Young Children
Vanessa LoBue and Judy S. DeLoache

Emotional Valence and Arousal Interact in Attentional Control
Lisa N. Jefferies, Daniel Smilek, Eric Eich, and James T. Enns

Night and Day, You Are the One: On Circadian Mismatches and the Transference Effect in Social Perception
Arie W. Kruglanski and Antonio Pierro

Keeping One's Distance: The Influence of Spatial Distance Cues on Affect and Evaluation
Lawrence E. Williams and John A. Bargh