Psychological Science

Volume 16, Number 8 · August 2005

Research Reports

Sexual Arousal Patterns of Bisexual Men
Gerulf Rieger, Meredith L. Chivers, and J. Michael Bailey

Sequential Effects of Phonological Priming in Visual Word Recognition
Manuel Carreiras, Ludovic Ferrand, Jonathan Grainger, and Manuel Perea

Discounting and Conditionalization: Dissociable Cognitive Processes in Human Causal Inference
Kelly M. Goedert, Jennifer Harsch, and Barbara A. Spellman

Familiarity Breeds Searching: Infants Reverse Their Novelty Preferences When Reaching for Hidden Objects
Jeanne L. Shinskey and Yuko Munakata

Research Articles

Can a Self-Propelled Box Have a Goal? Psychological Reasoning in 5-Month-Old Infants
Yuyan Luo and Renée Baillargeon

Less Is More: Executive Function and Symbolic Representation in Preschool Children
Stephanie M. Carlson, Angela C. Davis, and Jamie G. Leach

Subliminal Speech Priming
Sid Kouider and Emmanuel Dupoux

The Least Likely of Times: How Remembering the Past Biases Forecasts of the Future
Carey K. Morewedge, Daniel T. Gilbert, and Timothy D. Wilson

How Global Versus Local Perception Fits Regulatory Focus
Jens Förster and E. Tory Higgins

Independent Resources for Attentional Tracking in the Left and Right Visual Hemifields
George A. Alvarez and Patrick Cavanagh

Attention Alters the Appearance of Spatial Frequency and Gap Size
Joetta Gobell and Marisa Carrasco

The Meaning of "Natural": Process More Important Than Content
Paul Rozin


Youth Bulges, Civic Knowledge, and Political Upheaval
Jeremy Ginges