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Psychological Science - In-Press

Volume 15, Number 1 · January 2004

Research Articles
How the Brain Processes Causal Inferences in Text: A Theoretical Account of Generation and Integration Component Processes Utilizing Both Cerebral Hemispheres
Robert A. Mason and Marcel Adam Just

Unemployment Alters the Set Point for Life Satisfaction
Richard E. Lucas, Andrew E. Clark, Yannis Georgellis, and Ed Diener

The Peculiar Longevity of Things Not So Bad
Daniel T. Gilbert, Matthew D. Lieberman, Carey K. Morewedge, and Timothy D. Wilson

Exogenous Spatial Attention Influences Figure-Ground Assignment
Shaun P. Vecera, Anastasia V. Flevaris, and Joseph C. Filapek

Visual Sensing Without Seeing
Ronald A. Rensink

Lightness Constancy in the Presence of Specular Highlights
James T. Todd, J. Farley Norman, and Ennio Mingolla

The Perception of Doubly Curved Surfaces From Anisotropic Textures
James T. Todd, Augustinus H.J. Oomes, Jan J. Koenderink, and Astrid M.L. Kappers

The New and Improved Two-Sample t Test
H.J. Keselman, Abdul R. Othman, Rand R. Wilcox, and Katherine Fradette

Hierarchical Memory Distortions: The Basic-Level Convergence Effect
Ainat Pansky and Asher Koriat

Research Reports
Hearing Cheats Touch, but Less in Congenitally Blind Than in Sighted Individuals
Kirsten Hötting and Brigitte Röder

No Blindness for Things That Do Not Change
Jan Theeuwes

Mimicry and Prosocial Behavior
Rick B. van Baaren, Rob W. Holland, Kerry Kawakami, and Ad van Knippenberg

The articles in this issue were accepted for publication by Sam Glucksberg.

James E. Cutting
Cornell University

ISSN: 0956-7976

ISI Ranking:
2001: 7/100
(Psychology, Multidisciplinary)
Impact Factor: 2.766

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NOTE: These articles have been accepted for publication in Psychological Science. These advance draft copies are provided as a service to members of APS. Any citation of one of these articles prior to publication of the journal should indicate that it is from an article that is in-press.

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