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Current Directions in Psychological Science

Volume 11, Number 5 · October 2002

1. The Confidence of Eyewitnesses in Their Identifications From Lineups
Gary L. Wells, Elizabeth A. Olson, and Steve D. Charman
(PDF - 57,781 bytes)
2. Evolutionary Psychology of Facial Attractiveness
Bernhard Fink and Ian Penton-Voak
(PDF - 63,569 bytes)
3. Social Comparison: Why, With Whom, and With What Effect?
Jerry Suls, René Martin, and Ladd Wheeler
(PDF - 101,125 bytes)
4. Fuzzy-Trace Theory and False Memory
C.J. Brainerd and V.F. Reyna
(PDF - 181,876 bytes)
5. Sources of Bias in Memory for Emotions
Linda J. Levine and Martin A. Safer
(PDF - 66,323 bytes)
6. Enhancing the Cognitive Vitality of Older Adults
Arthur F. Kramer and Sherry L. Willis
(PDF - 62,268 bytes)
7. The Emerging Field of Adolescent Romantic Relationships
Wyndol Furman
(PDF - 58,205 bytes)

Math Anxiety: Personal, Educational, and Cognitive Consequences
Mark H. Ashcraft
(PDF - 59,726 bytes)

Alan Kazdin
Yale University

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2000: 19/105
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