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Speaking Two Languages for the Price of One

Consistency may allow bilingual speakers to avoid the costs that come with switching between languages, essentially allowing them to use two languages for the price of one. ... More>

It’s A Small World When It Comes To :-/

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Making Science ‘Edible’

This is a thumbnail image of an apple made up of various science and research tools and symbols.

Likening basic science to fine cooking, APS James McKeen Cattell Fellow awardees Kathy Hirsh-Pasek and Roberta Golinkoff offer the recipe they’ve used to make developmental research findings accessible, digestible, and useful for the general public. ... More>

Rise of Science Linked With Greater Attention to Cause and Effect

Increasing societal prominence of science, education, and technology over the past 200 years corresponds with increased usage of cause-and-effect language, suggesting links between culture and cognition. ... More>