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Current Directions in Psychological Science

Current Directions in Psychological Science: Volume 24, Number 4

Current Directions in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, publishes reviews by leading experts covering all of scientific psychology and its applications.

Successful Psychopathy: A Scientific Status Report
Scott O. Lilienfeld, Ashely L. Watts, and Sarah Francis Smith

The Fourth Law of Behavior Genetics
Christopher F. Chabris, James J. Lee, David Cesarini, Daniel J. Benjamin, and David I. Laibson

Conflicts as Aversive Signals for Control Adaptation
Gesine Dreisbach and Rico Fischer

Out of Control: Identifying the Role of Self-Control Strength in Family Violence
Catrin Finkenauer, Asuman Buyukcan-Tetik, Roy F. Baumeister, Kim Schoemaker, Meike Bartels, and Kathleen D. Vohs

How Concentration Shields Against Distraction
Patrik Sörqvist and John E. Marsh

Retrieval-Induced Forgetting and Context
Tanya R. Jonker, Paul Seli, and Colin M. MacLeod

Words and the World: Predictive Coding and the Language-Perception-Cognition Interface
Gary Lupyan and Andy Clark

Decoding the Dyad: Challenges in the Study of Individual Differences in Social Behavior
Erin A Heerey

Accuracy and Bias of Judgments in Romantic Relationships
Garth J. O. Fletcher

Brain-Body Pathways Linking Psychological Stress and Physical Health
Peter J. Gianaros and Tor D. Wager

How Word Meaning Influences Word Reading
J. S. H. Taylor, Fiona J. Duff, Anna M. Woollams, Padraic Monaghan, and Jessie Ricketts

Body and Odors: Not Just Molecules, After All
Mariella Pazzaglia

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