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Current Directions in Psychological Science

Current Directions in Psychological Science: Volume 24, Number 2

Current Directions in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, publishes reviews by leading experts covering all of scientific psychology and its applications.

When Younger Learners Can Be Better (or at Least More Open-Minded) Than Older Ones
Alison Gopnik, Thomas L. Griffiths, and Christopher G. Lucas

Individual Differences in Executive Functioning and Their Relationship to Emotional Processes and Responses
Brandon J. Schmeichel and David Tang

Does Language Do More Than Communicate Emotion?
Kristen A. Lindquist, Ajay B. Satpute, and Maria Gendron

Divorce and Health: Beyond Individual Differences
David A. Sbarra*, Karen Hasselmo, and Kyle J. Bourassa

*David A. Sbarra will be speaking in a special event sponsored by PCSAS titled “The Legacy of Richard R. Bootzin: A Memorial Symposium” at the 27th APS Annual Convention in New York, NY, USA.

“Mixed” Results: Multiracial Research and Identity Explorations
Sarah E. Gaither

Contamination of Eyewitness Self-Reports and the Mistaken-Identification Problem
Laura Smalarz and Gary L. Wells

Self-Serving Justifications: Doing Wrong and Feeling Moral
Shaul Shalvi, Francesca Gino, Rachel Barkan, and Shahar Ayal

Individual Differences in Negotiation: A Nearly Abandoned Pursuit Revived
Hillary Anger Elfenbein

Rigidity of the Economic Right? Menu-Independent and Menu-Dependent Influences of Psychological Dispositions on Political Attitudes
Ariel Malka and Christopher J. Soto

The Interpersonal Consequences of Processing Ease: Fluency as a Metacognitive Foundation for Prejudice
David J. Lick and Kerri L. Johnson

On Means and Ends: The Role of Goal Focus in Successful Goal Pursuit
Alexandra M. Freund and Marie Hennecke

Social Sensing for Psychology: Automated Interpersonal Behavior Assessment
Marianne Schmid Mast, Daniel Gatica-Perez, Denise Frauendorfer, Laurent Nguyen, and Tanzeem Choudhury

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