William and Kay Estes

William K. Estes was the founding editor of the APS flagship journal Psychological Science. During his time as editor he was the William James Professor of Psychology at Harvard and lived in the William James House, where James wrote his Principles of Psychology. Later, Estes often said he edited the first issues of Psychological Science in the same corner of the William James House where William James edited Principles of Psychology.

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William K. Estes (June 17, 1919 - August 17, 2011) had an enormous influence on psychological science, from his pioneering work in mathematical psychology to his collaborations with colleagues to his mentoring of students, many of whom are now leaders in the fields of learning and memory. He was recognized for his lifetime of contributions with our Nation's highest scientific honor, The National Medal of Science. The APS Observer featured remembrances written by leading researchers and close friends of Bill. This special collection is a celebration of his life and achievements.

Bill also had a special role in APS's history and success as Founding Editor of our flagship journal Psychological Science. During those years, his wife, Katherine W. (Kay) Estes, served as Founding Managing Editor. Bill and Kay were a team in so many undertakings. The W.K. & K.W. Estes Fund celebrates their contributions to psychological science.

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