About ICPS 2019

Connect with more than 2,000 of your colleagues and future collaborators from psychological science, neuroscience, genetics, sociology, economics, anthropology, linguistics, and related fields. Receive insights from hundreds of world-renowned scientists, including featured speakers BJ Casey, Atsushi Iriki, and Frans B.M. de Waal, all in one place. Gain a global scientific perspective that spans academic disciplines and geographic borders, whilie learningnew skills and broadening your scientific horizons. More…

  • Integrative Science Initiative

    Increasingly, the excitement in psychological science is in research that spans disciplinary boundaries, geographic boundaries and that combines different levels… More

  • ICPS 2019 Program

    The program features Keynote Addresses by BJ Casey, Atsushi Iriki, and Frans B.M. de Waal, as well as 8 plenary-like [More]