FAQs for Future Conventions and Global Summit

What are APS’s flagship events in 2024 and beyond?
Where and when will the next few conventions take place? 
When is the next in-person convention outside of the US? 
Will APS host another International Convention of Psychological Science (ICPS)?
When will submissions for the October 2024 APS Global Psychological Science Summit open?
How frequently will the APS Global Psychological Science Summit be held? 
Where can I find out more about the content, structure, and schedule of the APS Global Psychological Science Summit?
Will there be a separate submission process for each meeting?
Can I submit the same research to both the in-person and virtual event within the same year? 
If I have an accepted poster but cannot attend the May 2024 APS Annual Convention in person, can I present my poster at the October 2024 virtual event instead?