25th Annual APS-STP Teaching Institute

The APS-STP Teaching Institute is a pre-conference Teaching Institute sponsored by the Association for Psychological Science and the Society for the Teaching of Psychology.

This pre-conference program offers informative talks and practical advice from experts on the teaching of psychological science as well as poster presentations centered on this theme. The Teaching Institute starts on Wednesday, May 23 with an evening workshop, and will continue all day on Thursday, May 24. 

Please note that separate registration is required.

Opening Plenary

Why Thinking Like a Psychologist Matters

Bernard C. Beins, Ithaca College

Distinguished Lecturer

The Fiction of Memory

Elizabeth F. Loftus, University of California, Irvine

Closing Plenary

You Are What You Eat: Lessons for Higher Education from the War on Hunger

David B. Daniel, James Madison University


Diversifying Diversity: Broadening the Scope of Teachable Psychological Topics

Dana S. Dunn, Moravian College

Concurrent Sessions

Use My Best Practices, Darn It! Building Metacognition in College Students in Spite of Themselves

Lindsay C. Masland, Appalachian State University

Integrating Research About the LGBTQ Community into Your Classes

Anna Ropp, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Soulmates or Cellmates? Merging the Viewpoints of Teachers of Psychology and Centers for Teaching and Learning

Jordan D. Troisi, Sewanee: The University of the South

Celebrities-Just Like Us? Teaching Abnormal Psychology Using Celebrity Case Studies to Impact Student Engagement and Reduce Stigma

Anne Ferrari, The College of New Rochelle

Integrating Technology using Mobile Apps in the Introductory Psychology Classroom: Benefit or Distraction

Kristen A. Diliberto-Macaluso, Berry College

Let’s Talk About Teaching: How to Explore Your Options and Prepare for a Teaching-Focused Job

Melissa J. Beers, The Ohio State University

Society for the Teaching of Psychology

Teaching iGen: Reaching the Internet Generation in the Classroom

Jean M. Twenge, San Diego State University

Wither Happiness? When, How, and Why Positive Activities Might Undermine Versus Boost Well-Being

Sonja Lyubomirsky, University of California, Riverside

Retrieval-Based Learning: Active Retrieval Promotes Meaningful Learning

Jeffrey D. Karpicke, Purdue University